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Sharing news, tips & insights for Guides and Hosts to help you welcome back travelers safely and run your business better.

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Bus tour in Desert

SEO Content

This guide is a quick, step-by-step content guide on how you can improve the visibility of your experience website.

The SEO Process to Free Google Traffic

Creating Support Content for your website

Writing with SEO Best Practices in mind

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Airbnb Experiences Market (2022)

A step-by-step guide to determine if Airbnb is the right place for you and your product.

What to know before you apply

How to apply

How to make Airbnb work for you

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Airbnb Experiences report from indie Travel
Virtual tours

5 Steps to Launch your first Self-Guided Tour

A helpful infographic from picking your theme, crafting your content to picking some eye candy. Learn the five steps for your first self-guided tour today.

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Bike tour in Amstadam

Airbnb Experiences Market (2021 Edition)

A no-nonsense guide to help tour and activity operators assess if they should list, how to list, and how to succeed in Airbnb Experiences.

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