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Podcasts are an excellent asset for those looking to diversify their travel roster. But, with all of the options out there, is it possible to find the destination or topic that's right for you to tune into?

Now that the travel industry is thankfully opening its doors once more, it's only natural that we are all dreaming of adventure. Since this, at least in the form of travel, is now a bit more tangible, you are probably thinking it is about time to explore some options. With the rise in popularity of podcasts in recent years, travel podcasts have been no exception to this rule. But how can we find both accurate and interesting travel information to consume when there's so much on offer on every listening platform? We hear you! That's why we have compiled (some of) the podcasts that do a great job at satisfying our wanderlust.

Inspiration for your Tour Guide Podcast

We Travel Here Podcast

We Travel Here started back in 2018, with the goal of extending the view of the tourist to go beyond chain establishments and known attractions. The podcast "helps you travel like a local" by consulting tourism experts (including tour guides!) from within the local community, meaning that it offers an authentic insight into specific destinations from the eyes of locals. The host, Lee Huffman, also has an excellent blog where he consistently posts about a vast array of travel-related content including the pro's and con's of using booking services such as Kayak and airline elite service comparisons.

Episodes tend to be released weekly, with each lasting around 30-minutes, although sometimes Lee treats listeners to up to three destinations per week. For this reason, there are over 200 episodes at your disposal, each featuring a different destination and a local tied to the area. You can also access show notes after the release of each episode through the We Travel There website, which we think is a great touch!

Check out the Isles of Scilly episode, which I found particularly interesting because I live in the UK and have studied travel & tourism, and this place had never made it on the map for me… until now!

Amateur Traveler Podcast

Having started in 2005, Amateur Traveler is perhaps one of the most seasoned podcasts in the travel domain. Every episode is based on a one-week itinerary and consults someone who has visited the destination so as to offer first-hand guidance. As stated by host Chris Christensen, the ultimate goal of the show is "helping real travelers plan real trips to their own backyard or around the world". Named the Best Independent Travel Journalist by Travel&Leisure magazine, Chris is an extremely knowledgeable host and has visited over 80 countries & territories across the globe.

The podcasts are offered both through audio and video! To make things even more appealing, Amateur Traveler also hosts a blog which features independent photography, as well as an interactive map where the user can select a specific destination to explore the content covered over the blog and both podcasts, allowing them to form their own itinerary. With over 800 episodes to choose from, each involving an itinerary for a different destination, what's not to love?

Give episode #501: Barcelona, Spain, a listen! It was a personal favourite of the episodes I sampled as someone heading to Barcelona during the summer! Subjects including climate, culture, and authenticity are covered. The do's and don'ts segment is particularly useful given that it offers some great guidance on how to venture off of the beaten path while avoiding trouble!

The Travel Diaries Podcast

After having won many awards in both travel journalism and podcast scenes, The Travel Diaries has earned its status as the UK’s most popular travel podcast. This "wanderlust guaranteed" podcast launched in 2019 and since achieving several esteemed awards, has even been added to the in-flight entertainment roster of airlines including British Airways and Cathay Pacific. Host, Hollie Rubenstein has a vast array of experience in the journalism sector, having worked for organisations like the BBC, ITV, and Snapchat.

The podcast has produced 7 seasons, with each interview-style episode lasting around an hour. Every episode features a different guest - some travel industry-related, others not so much - where topics discussed include bucket list destinations, travel tips, and fond holiday memories to share.

The episode featuring renowned travel journalist Simon Reeve is a clear frontrunner in our eyes. During the hour-long episode, some 14 destinations are covered, highlighting both the good and the bad. Some of the stories that Simon has to offer are as inspiring as they are unique! This is made even better by Simon talking about how he made his start in the travel journalism industry (hint: he started from the very bottom as a mailroom boy) and how he found success. His story is one that serves as a prime example of how budding travel entrepreneurs can resource their success from anywhere!

TravelPulse Podcast

After many years of serving the travel industry and general public as a website offering tips, news and destination information, TravelPulse has been actively contributing to the travel podcast scene since the end of 2019. Hosted by executive editor, Eric Bowman, who has over a decade of journalism experience, the TravelPulse podcast has the aim of "cutting through the noise" of the admittedly saturated travel podcast domain. To aid this mission, the TravelPulse website also features some handy blog content for the readers out there, and a video catalogue containing a plethora of categories for those who prefer to learn about destinations more visually.

Each episode of the podcast offers up travel news, tips, and everything the listener needs to know about the industry, all discussed with experts and other esteemed guests. Topics covered include but are certainly not limited to: issues troubling the travel industry, travel trends, making travel matter, and social media's place in travel. For those seeking something less industry-heavy, there are also some very resourceful destination-specific episodes.

Check out the episode The Future Of Guided Tours. We may be biased, but this episode is an Indie favourite as it shines a light on tour guiding and tour operators as a whole. That's, well, kind of our thing too, so we're all for TravelPulse offering this sector of travel some limelight!

Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast

Although this podcast is not entirely dedicated to travelling and the travel sector, Wild Ideas Worth Living still earns a spot as one of our favourite podcasts. The podcast began at the tail-end of 2017, and carries a message of encouragement towards everyone to engage in their idea of adventure and break outside the norm; the path less travelled but still presents a road where goals can be achieved. Hosted by journalist Shelby Stanger, an award-winning journalist and podcast host who has her own wild ideas that she's proven are worth living outside of her successful career in journalism, an example of this being sandboarding down dunes in South Africa!

Episodes of Wild Ideas Worth Living are released weekly, lasting anywhere between 25-minutes to an hour in length. Each episode features an interview with a different "wild one", inclusive of both guests who are known and those with little to no prior publicity. The stories or "wild ideas" told by guests are not limited in subject matter, with the podcast covering topics from food photography to mental health, to surfing.

We enjoyed the episode "Traveling the World, Telling Stories, and Creating Awareness Through Photography". The episode features Ami Vitale, a world-class photographer who has travelled on assignment for organisations such as National Geographic and Associated Press, who discusses the use of photography in raising awareness and connecting people around the world. Ami shares a multitude of fascinating and jarring stories from her visits to over 90 countries, and really makes a case for using travel photography for the greater good.

These six podcasts are some indie favourites, but this is only the tip of the travel podcast iceberg. There is such a vast selection of travel podcasts that sometimes differs from platform to platform, but it is almost guaranteed that the subject you are searching for has been covered. If not, we look forward to you pursuing it and becoming the guest speaker who discusses it on one of these podcasts in the future!

Keep up to date with the Travel Industry

Tourpreneur Podcast & Community

Somewhat of a veteran brand in the travel industry, Tourpreneur has embarked on an interesting new ownership journey. The previous owner, Shane Whaley, did an outstanding job at establishing Tourpreneur and must be credited for his hand in creating a space for Tour Operators to congregate and grow together. The reigns have now been passed to travel industry pioneers Chris Torres, Peter Syme, and Mitch Bach, and we are excited to see where they will take the brand. While Tourpreneur will be shifting the focus towards helping Tour Operators maximise profitability above all else, the new leaders will also ensure that Tourpreneur remains a source of empowerment for Tour Operators to collaborate and share expertise in what can otherwise be a lonely profession.

The podcast itself launched at the beginning of 2019 and has remained consistent in uploading relevant content for Tour Operators to digest since. Tourpreneur has produced over 250 episodes of the podcast, each lasting around an hour. The podcast frequently features industry professionals, offering tips and advice that should prove specifically useful to Tour Operators in building and maintaining their products. The Tourpreneur podcast is no one-trick pony, however, as much - if not all - of the content covered can be applied to other areas of the industry. While many episodes cover success stories of functioning Tour Operator businesses, there is also content covering content relevant across the entire industry such as marketing, new technology, brand expansion and handling industry changes.

Tourpreneur has produced several ‘series’ of episodes for listeners to enjoy and draw advice from; a favourite of ours is the 30-Day Tour Operator Challenge. This ‘challenge’ consisted of a short episode daily, usually lasting less than 10 minutes, all covering a range of topics or issues faced by Tour Operators and how to take advantage of and/or overcome them. Themes covered include SEO optimisation, creating effective FAQ sections, boosting engagement and much more. In addition to this already excellent resource, Tourpreneur added a section to their website where listeners could find content relating to all of the subjects covered across the ‘challenge’ episodes, to allow Tour Operators to put this into practice.

Zero to Travel Podcast

Zero to Travel has been churning out weekly episodes since 2018, lasting around an hour each, and featuring experts on the topic or destination at hand. The podcast, hosted by Location Indie co-founder Jason Moore, promises to play a part in "helping you travel the world on your terms". Zero to Travel describes itself perfectly by summing the podcast up as "an a la carte menu serving up whatever information you need right now that will help you add more travel into your life." Save us a bite!

The podcast covers many topics that have proven popular amongst the travel community, such as sustainability and the nomad lifestyle, as well as those somewhat less considered like keeping travel ambitions alive during tough times. Some episodes are also destination-specific and offer great advice on how tourism affects the destination and communities, and how to minimise the negative impacts during your visit. The sheer variety of subjects discussed throughout its episodes means that Zero to Travel caters to anyone from travel newbies to digital nomads.

We love the recent podcast episode, Living The Off Beat Life, that discusses "ditching the cubicle" and managing your own work… sounds good to us! Featuring Debbie from The Offbeat Life, the episode includes some standout lessons on developing a location-independent lifestyle, exploring remote jobs, and funding your own travel goals.

Travel Massive Podcast & Community

The self-described ‘launch pad for travel’, Travel Massive is known as a global community for travel insiders, entrepreneurs, and creators. Travel Massive is perhaps best known for its frequent networking events hosted across the globe which tend to feature in-depth discussions on the latest trends and topics within the travel industry. Since its first event in 2011, Travel Massive has become a haven for industry news and updates through its community and discussion platforms where industry personnel can start and contribute to conversations on any chosen topic.

At around 5 minutes in length per episode, the Travel Massive podcast keeps things short and sweet. There is no lack of relevant industry information within these short snippets, however, with each weekly episode covering all important news and headlines as opposed to one specific topic. Every so often, Travel Massive releases slightly longer episodes featuring industry professionals, keeping things fresh.

A firm favourite is episode 81, which covers The Nomad Kitchen, Unearthed Retreats and the Rethink Travel Challenge. This episode is particularly enjoyable due to the fact that it offers a fresh perspective on the nomad lifestyle, and so too encourages listeners to break out of their old ways, whether in their travel habits or industry mindset, and ‘rethink travel’.

Here are some honorable mentions from our own Head of Marketing forum discussions.

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