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Podcasts can be a precious tool in gathering information, intel and experience surrounding virtually any subject. However, with over 2,000,000 podcasts out there as of 2021, sifting through them to narrow down those most relevant and valuable to you can seem like an impossible task. So, to lessen your workload, we have compiled our favourite podcasts specific to the topic(s) of content creation.

Indie Hackers Podcast

Indie Hackers was founded in 2016, with the podcast running weekly from February 2017. Self-described as a "little laboratory of nonstop content experimentation", Indie Hackers started as a content site that had the primary purpose of showcasing profitable business. However, Indie Hackers has recently transitioned towards hosting a worldwide community of founders, entrepreneurs, and creators who share knowledge on curating a successful business model and creating more favourable content.

Indie Hackers' weekly podcasts feature a variety of current industry players, each discussing the ideas, opportunities and strategies being used to assist aspiring content creators in finding efficient ways to build their business/brand. The podcast explores concepts, perspectives and issues relevant to content creation, including:

  • Bootstrapping (i.e. establishing a brand with little to no capital or not relying on external sources of investment)
  • Building a fanbase/following and winning market attention
  • How to find and establish a business idea
  • Growth tactics and building an audience
  • Mental health and not giving up on your ideas
  • Sources of funding

Check out episode #213: Why You Don't Have To Be "A Business Person" To Succeed; it relays the importance of not giving up when you are yet to feel like a successful "business person" experience isn't everything. It's an entrepreneurial market. It's an indie market!

Means of Creation Podcast

Hosted by "Passion Economy pioneer" Li Jin alongside tech startup guru Nathan Baschez, Means of Creation is a passion economy-centric podcast that aims to help people do what they love for a living. Passion economy refers to an updated, modern economy built for and created by "creators with a purpose". We think that there is no better way to discover more about this concept than by listening to "the best thinker out there on the future of being a creator on the internet" discuss it with industry insiders.

The first episode of Means of Creation aired in August 2020, and each episode has featured guests at the forefront of digitalising the industry. The topics discussed during Means of Creation broadly tend to link to the concept of Passion Economy, such as:

  • Tool building for creators and collab culture
  • Creator monetisation
  • Online entrepreneurship
  • Building a profitable online business
  • Case studies on organisational creator strategies

A particularly insightful episode of Means of Creation is #16, which focuses on building tools suited to creators and the importance of collaboration among creators concerning functionality in the creative market and new, innovative ideas formulation.

Creator Economics Podcast

The Creator Economics podcast aims to enlighten listeners about the growth of digital creators while also providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how both traction and success has been obtained. The podcast is hosted by two of the digital media industry's key personalities, Night Media's Reed Duchscher and Ludlow Ventures' Blake Robbins, and is also available to view on YouTube.

Episodes of Creator Economics are pretty compact compared to those of other podcasts in that they can last anywhere from around 10-30 minutes. Still, they are certainly not lacking in insightful takes on industry trends. Creator Economics' short bursts of info usually come once a week and often feature an industry name from a different sector every episode. Topics covered include:

  • Growth strategies on various platforms
  • Equity vs Cash
  • The future of NFTs
  • Cryptocurrency and how creators can use it
  • Brand deals & collaborations, and how much should you charge.

We recommend the episode "Why it's Never Been a Better Time to be a Creator". The hosts squash the preconceptions that it's too daunting to find, introduce and monetise your niche to the creators market that has arguably become more active than ever. Robbins and Duchscher make an excellent point by discussing how YouTube may be an oversaturated market. There has never been a more extensive online creator ecosystem to join or market from on other platforms.

The Colin & Samir Show Podcast

This podcast is hosted by its namesakes, Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry. These veteran YouTube creators pride themselves on their stance as "Creators building a hub for the Creator Economy". Colin and Samir delve into the creator economy world and discuss its strengths, weaknesses, successes and struggles from the perspective of creators who have been directly involved.

The Colin & Samir Show came onto the podcast scene in 2018. Although the hosts have taken some short breaks, the podcast has consistently uploaded weekly episodes that vary between guest features and discussions purely between the hosts. Themes covered include:

  • Fast growth & maintaining momentum
  • Finding your niche
  • The future of the Creator Economy
  • Creator trends
  • Importance of feedback
  • Dealing with self-doubt, creative block & burnout

Here at indie, we especially liked that The Colin & Samir Show has aired episodes where the hosts respond to questions from the podcast's audience, offering a more personal take on issues, concerns and curiosities posed by budding creators interested in the industry.

Find on Apple, Shopify, or wherever you get your podcast fix.

Influencer Business Podcast

Influencer Business is hosted by the experienced digital project manager, Austin Munhofen, on behalf of Trove, the self-described "influencer business bible". A podcast that refers to itself as "the playground for brands and creators", Influencer Business offers an insider's view of the influencer industry, its people, and its brands.

Although the podcast has been running weekly since 2018, Munhofen has only been its host since July 2021. Influencer Business markets itself towards listeners from all walks of life who are interested in the industry, and discussions are put forward so that anyone from industry experts and aspiring creators to the general public can understand. The types of guest speakers vary in niche markets and nature, but all provide a detailed insight into their experiences in the industry, namely:

  • Running a small business as a content creator
  • Importance of experimentation
  • Passion Economy
  • Building a lasting brand
  • Working with brands
  • Protecting your content

An aspect of this podcast that makes it incredibly unique is the Influencer Masterclasses it offers. These occur throughout several episodes and focus on a series of topics relating to one central subject. For example, Influencer Business' second 'masterclass', Working with Brands, lasts five episodes and covers themes like how to stand out, trends, budgeting, and efficient partnerships.

Find on Apple, Shopify, or wherever you get your podcast fix.

Creator Lab Podcast

Creator Lab is presented by Bilal Zaidi, who has an extensive roster of experience under his belt, including everything from roles in startups to Google. Zaidi is perfectly candid about his personal journey towards becoming a creator, which ultimately contributes towards his aim in building the confidence of novice entrepreneurs and having honest conversations with fellow creators about their own ventures.

Creator Lab Podcast has been a space for exciting debates and discussions with leading entrepreneurs from across the globe since 2015. Although there is no upload schedule for the podcast, each of its episodes brings reliable insights from reputable industry experts on a plethora of topics concerning content creation and beyond. Some of the talking points covered are comprised of:

  • Gaining early users
  • Hiring for startups
  • Solopreneurships
  • Finding product-market fit
  • Noticing & learning patterns
  • The future of remote work

A unique selling point (USP) of Creator Lab is the sheer scope of topics and industry sectors that have been covered throughout its episodes so far. Zaidi has been anything but restrictive in choosing guest speakers to interview. With markets from soap recycling to tech startup powerhouses being, Creator Lab is a podcast that is certain to have covered at least one topic that will pique your entrepreneurial interest.

Other Honourable Content Creator Podcast Mentions Include:

  • The Experience podcast, where host Elizabeth Pearson Garr is joined by industry experts and creators to delve into a vast catalogue of subjects including pursuing passions and ways to discover inspiration.
  • The Creator Economy podcast, fairly new on the podcast block, is hosted by the founder of online crowdfunding platform Patreon, Jack Conte. Joined by a new guest every week, Conte covers topics revolving around the future for creators.
  • Creator Upload podcast, during which hosts Joshua Cohen and Laura Schnipper discuss current happenings in the online content creation scene and often includes chats with industry know-hows about their content creation journey.
  • The Future Belongs To Creators, a podcast where hosts Nathan Barry and Barrett Brooks take a slightly more laid back approach towards valuable conversations on how to turn anxiety into creative output and set yourself up for success.
  • Hey Creator podcast, hosted by established writer and entrepreneur Jeff Goins, helps listeners gain a realistic perspective on how to ditch boring and pursue passions without the worry of not finding their feet.
  • Hustle and Flowchart podcast is hosted by Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier and has become somewhat of a veteran podcast with over 300 episodes. It has so far covered everything from the creator economy to NFTs, making it an all-encompassing base for budding content creators and entrepreneurs.

Though the podcasts mentioned here are some of our favourites at indie, the list available across online platforms that not only explore interesting subjects related to creators but so too inspire entrepreneurs to fine-tune their craft has undoubtedly not been exhausted! We'll be watching this space as it's only a matter of time before a new wave of creators like you go from being listeners to guest speakers.

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