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Here at indie, we are always on the hunt for ways to make managing your tours, booking, and providing an excellent service for your guests easier.

That’s why we were so happy to partner with Booking Protect to help bring your travellers Refund Protection. We know that the COVID19 lockdowns have changed the way we all travel - and we know first-hand that travellers are looking for extra protection as they begin to explore their world again. We believe offering your travellers Booking Protect shows them that you value their time and money while also protecting you as a business owner.

We have joined forces with the global leading refund protection company, Booking Protect, to offer our hosts comprehensive cover for their guests’ bookings.

Booking Protect are a refund protection specialist, offering the world’s most flexible and comprehensive booking protection. The partnership will help guests claim a full refund in the unfortunate case they are unable to attend their booked event due to various unforeseen circumstances, including injury or illness, travel disruption, or adverse weather. If the guest opts in and chooses to take out the protection, indie will add Booking Protect at the checkout as an adjustment to their booking to cover the cost of the protection.

Lastly, exclusively with indie, you as the tour operator can earn 25% commission from all Booking Protect plans your travellers' purchase. So with indie, you can protect your travellers and your business.

Importantly, the refund will not affect your revenue and will instead be reimbursed directly to the customer by Booking Protect.

“It’s an exciting development for indie, allowing us to offer security and peace-of-mind to your guests who are purchasing tickets for your experiences through the indie widget,” said Janice Sousa, indie Travels Co-Founder and CEO.

“Now, we’re able to offer protection to you and, in turn, the end customer, should anything prevent your customer from attending the tour or activity set out in terms of the cover.”

“We believe that Booking Protect’s refund protection will enhance the ticket purchasing process, helping us to provide the best customer experience possible.”

If you are an indie user and would like to know more about this or add the integration to your website widget, please get in touch here, or check out our knowledge centre.

If this has piqued your interest in Booking Protect and what else indie has to offer, then please do click that giant button below. A member of our team would be happy to walk you through it and anything else you’d like to know… as long as it’s not physics questions, we know nothing on that topic :$

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What is Booking Protect?

Booking Protect is a third party refund protection. It is an optional service offered to guests at the time of booking. Purchasing refund protection through Booking Protect allows you to request a full refund in the unfortunate event that you cannot attend due to any of their predefined covered circumstances.

As the tour operator, you can earn 25% commission from all Booking Protect plans your travellers' purchase. Try indie today or contact us now for a demo.

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