Part 2: Airbnb Experiences Tips & Tricks

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In a previous article we covered what to know before joining Airbnb Experiences from commision, to image quality and software integrations.

Now, let’s cover Airbnb Experiences Tips and Tricks:

The more traditional highlights tours are clearly becoming more accepted by Airbnb Experiences as they try to capture more of the market share. While tours with a unique proposition are more likely to be accepted, don’t shy away if you offer a more standard walking or highlights tour. When you consider the capacity requirements, high capacity and low price operators might not be the best fit for Experiences. Instead, consider creating a more unique and off the beaten path experience for Airbnb.

A Platform for Tours With Less Traction:

Do you have a product that isn’t doing super well on other OTAs? Then, toss it up on Airbnb to see what traction it can gain there! Airbnb is a perfect spot for travellers looking for a unique experience, so this might be the ideal place for your tour that isn’t selling out on other channels.

Another idea is to take a tour idea you want to test out and put it on Airbnb to understand how it will do. Again, keeping groups small and a more specialised market will allow you to tweak the product and receive feedback before taking it to larger selling platforms.

Make it Unique:

When writing your description and other copy, be sure to make it unique! Airbnb will be looking for something that stands out, so copying and pasting your description from another platform will likely not be the best tactic. Instead, create interesting and dynamic content that will capture the more innovative traveller.

Airbnb includes tips and suggestions for good copy, descriptions, and photography throughout the application process. Be sure to tap into this knowledge as you move through the process! It will increase the likelihood that you will be accepted on your first attempt.

Getting Listed on Airbnb Experiences:

As previously mentioned, the first step is to look at the guidelines put out by Airbnb Experiences to make sure that it is a good match for you. Next, you’ll want to fill out a listing, which also serves as an application for your product(s) to be listed on the site.

The online application is quite simple and similar to other OTAs. Basic questions about contact information, where and when your product is, and a description along with photos or videos of your experience, you know, the standard items. You’ll also be asked a few hospitality questions and what will happen in the first ten minutes of your experience. You’ll also be asked to describe any guest requirements and select your cutoff time. Once you have been approved, you’ll receive information about updating your availability calendar on Airbnb.

Download our full Airbnb Experiences Market Guide 2022 for free. This guide discusses what to know before you apply, how to apply, and how to make Airbnb work for you.

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