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Burak Hamzaoğlu has worked in various industries and contributed to the development of many projects. He likes to improve himself and learn new technologies in his spare time. Apart from these, he enjoys travelling, reading books and walking in nature.

Welcome, Burak!

First of all, tell us what it was that made you want to get involved in web development?

I have loved to produce since I was a child. I trust my creativity and problem-solving skills. For these reasons, I think the software is very suitable for me. The idea of making my dreams come true excites me. I preferred web development because it can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

So how did you then make development your career?

The more I worked on various projects, the more I liked the software. It's nice to have the things I produce and develop used by other people. That's why I decided to continue in this area.

What makes you passionate about web development?

Web development is quite dynamic. The technologies we use are constantly changing and developing. Just like the projects we develop. In this way, I do not get bored because everything is continually evolving. That's why I can always motivate myself.

How did you hear about indie Travel?

I saw the job posting on LinkedIn for indie Travel for the first time. Then I went to the website and examined it in more detail. I really liked the technologies used and the project itself.

Thanks, Burak; finally, can you tell us three fun facts about yourself?

I toured Europe alone twice with a small backpack. In total, I visited 16 countries, more than 20 cities and met hundreds of people.

I love to cook and eat. I cook dishes from different countries but often fail.

I go to the gym early in the morning and do fitness. A little walk in the evening. I don't get tired easily.

Thanks again, Burak, and welcome to our team

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