How to Market Your Podcast

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Your podcast is your voice, how you've heard to your listeners and tribe. Even when you're authentic on your podcast and provide valuable information, you still want to market your podcast to achieve the biggest reach possible and attract a more extensive listenership to your show.

In what ways can you get the word out there about your podcast without breaking the bank? Here are three ways to market your podcast, which require more time and energy than money in the bank!

And if you're new to podcasting, we break down the very basics of podcasting for you in this blog.

Market Your Podcast by Having a Podcast Swap

Podcast swaps are an excellent way to market your podcast. A podcast swap is just like it sounds, you and another podcaster agree to be interviewed on each other's podcast, and you pitch your podcast at the end. One of the best way to market your podcast if you want to gain more listeners. Why? Because people who listen to others' podcasts are the most likely to listen to more podcasts, including yours.

Before you say yes to a podcast swap, set up a short discovery call to discuss the topics you'll be talking about, the interview format, and how you will promote each other's episodes.

Talk About Your Podcast by Writing a Blog

Whether it's your own blog or writing a blog to be posted on another blogger or podcaster's website, writing a blog and referencing an episode or two of your podcast is great to increase your listenership. This will give the potential podcast listener an idea of the content you provide. They can then click the link to listen to the podcast episode you've mentioned or find you on their favourite podcast player. Make sure to note in your post to subscribe to or follow your podcast and put your YouTube link in the blog if you also have a video component to your podcast.

Create a Video Podcast in Addition to Your Audio Podcast

According to The Infinite Dial, America's largest running research data on digital media, podcasting has become a mainstream media, with over half of Americans have listened to a podcast in 2019. In addition to the audio component, video has become a significant player in getting recognition for your podcast platform.

How to Market Your Podcast Conclusion

With over half of podcasts being watched on YouTube in video format, video podcasting is becoming very popular. However, if you don't have videos of each episode, you don't have to worry. You can always create a ten to a 12-minute video highlighting talking points of your most popular episodes and post them on YouTube. Then, you can refer back to your audio episode for listeners to learn more about your show.

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We also dig into what makes one podcast different from the next? Dive into what is a niche and how to find your podcast niche.

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