CTCool Local Guide Brings Passion and Heart to Tourism

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Budi of CTCool Local Guide in Jakarta brings passion for his hometown and its culture to his tours, and at the same time he remains rooted in honesty, positivity, connection, and providing the best possible experience to every guest who joins him around Chinatown.

Budi has had a diverse career, starting with a hospitality education which led him to work in five star hotels and then gained experience in travel companies. While he found fulfilment in being able to meet and support foreign guests, he found his passion to grow his own business. With hopes of learning more about the marketing aspects of business, Budi went to work for more diverse international companies. During this time, he happened upon some foreign tourists near his home at the Chinatown Glodok and offered them a free tour around the area. At his core, he likes to meet people and offer help where he can.

His tour business began as a small concept, simply asking tourists on the ground if they were interested in a walking tour with a true local. The idea didn’t take wings until a guest from Switzerland praised his exceptional work, and queeried if there was an opportunity for Budi to create a startup with the concept. This was an ‘ah-ha’ moment for Budi. “It felt like I was dragged out from other dimensions of my life to a new one.

“My parents taught me to be an honest person and to be helpful to everybody. Those principles are the backbone of my business.”

Born and raised in Chinatown Glodok in Jakarta, Budi has a deep connection to the place. However for Budi, being a navigator is more than just sharing information and facts about his beloved hometown. “I know the roads and hidden paths here. I know the shops, the people, the food, and the culture here.” Budi says the power in guiding comes down to connections, “meaningful connections between my knowledge, the local citizens, the shop owners, and foreign or domestic tourists.” This deep commitment building community and connection has served him well in the first year of business. Clients are submitting glowing reviews and feedback has been positive.

Now that Budi has successfully established the essential licenses for his startup, he is excited to use digital platforms to help his business grow. Additionally, he is committed to supporting other locals and sees his place as a trailblazer within the guiding community in Jakarta. 

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