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The idea of remote working has boomed since the pandemic, and there are some fantastic tools to help you grow and build a successful business. Many aspects of running a business can now be done remotely, from keeping track of your finances to automating social media posts. Almost all aspects of running a business can be done remotely, but finding which tools to use can be challenging. 

Being location-dependent can be very rewarding, but it can sometimes seem like a difficult transition. There are often worries about the quality of services when it becomes fully remote, as well as logistical questions like; will you always have reliable high-speed internet? What happens if something goes wrong and you are abroad?

Support and preparation can help every creator run a successful remote business, and there are tools to help with every aspect of your business. Here are some of the best apps and programs that can help you ensure your business runs smoothly while you can enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere.


Content Creation

Most content creators will need software to edit their photos, videos, and social media content. Carrying around a hard drive and having a sit-down studio isn't always possible when you are on the go. There are many options to choose from, some more expensive than others. 

Adobe is one of the best solutions out there that I am a massive fan of. Adobe's programs are designed to work smoothly on both your laptop and phone. Not only do they provide you with cloud storage, but you will have access to various programs to edit your content on the go. 


Video Editing

Adobe Express 

Editing videos for content creators can be fun but sometimes a chore when you have to get your laptop out and find a suitable place to sit for a few hours. However, Adobe has created its Adobe Express series, which brings the best tools from your laptop to your phone. This is an excellent compromise if you are working on the go, as you can still edit videos to a high standard while on your phone.

Premiere Rush 

Another genius app by Adobe is Premier Rush. A simpler version of Premiere Pro, this app allows you to edit videos straight from your phone without the need for a laptop. I use this when on long train rides and buses or to bust out a video sitting at a café. The ability to edit from your phone will allow you to work pretty much from anywhere.


Several other video editing apps include VidLab, Quik by GoPro, Movavi, and Capcut by TikTok. 


Photo editing


One of the best photo editing apps that Adobe offers is Lightroom. You can create preset filters using your laptop and then sync these with Lightroom on your phone, making editing simple and easy on the go. I know some content creators and photographers who swear by Lightroom for editing their photos. This is my preferred app, and I use it daily to edit photos before putting them up on Instagram. 

Ps Camera

I recently discovered this app, which has helped me reduce editing time. Ps Camera, related to Adobe Photoshop, is an app that allows you to take photos with preset filters created by Adobe. This means you can take your picture in a style you like and, therefore, won't need to edit it afterwards. I found this useful for product shots as I could quickly capture a moment or mood and upload it directly to my story.


You will be able to find many options out there, and other top-rated photo editing apps are Instasize, Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and VSCO.

Getting Started with Adobe Lightroom PROMO


Creating Social Media Posts

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

As a content creator, you are likely already familiar with apps to help you design and create social media posts. I use Adobe Creative Cloud Express as I find it simple and easy to use, especially on the go. It has pre-made templates for all social media platforms, and you can replace the images and text and change colours to suit your branding. 

Content creators use other popular editing tools: Canva, Headliner, FilmoraGo, and Biteable.


Overall there are many more options and programs, but if you want a hassle-free experience, then Adobe is worth the investment. The ability to work primarily from your phone lends itself well to a remote work lifestyle.



Calendars and General Organisation

G Suite

Keeping everything in one place so it's easily accessible can be difficult when you are on the go, and ensuring you have everything backed up is essential. I think Google offers one of the best services for this. G Suite is the service Google provides to business owners with Google accounts. It has many benefits, such as large amounts of storage, drive, calendars, and Google meet.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to create, store, and access documents, photos, and videos and can also be made available offline. I have found this to be one of the most valuable tools when I am on the go, as I can download a word document, work on it offline and then update it when I get on the internet. 

Work Boards and Communication

If you have a team or clients, you will need an easy way to keep in touch and up to date. There are various tools for this, and the deciding factor usually is personal preference as they all have slightly different features. 


Trello works with a system of boards and acts almost like a big to-do list. You can create cards and tasks that can be moved between columns, and you can have different boards for different clients. I often use this with clients to track my assignments and deadlines.


Slack is more of an app for communication. This is fantastic if you have a team or clients with whom you want to keep in touch. It is a great way to keep work conversations separate as it is an app designed for business use. 


Notion is known for being the best app for collaborating. It can be used on both your phone and mobile. In some ways, it is similar to Trello, but it has added features which are great for larger teams.

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Wi-Fi is not always reliable and trying to find strong enough Wi-Fi to upload your photos and videos can sometimes be a burden. Lining up your social media posts at the beginning of the month is a great way to reduce stress if you work remotely. 

Later is just one example of a tool that helps you plan and schedule your posts, and this will come in handy when you are on the go. This is one of the most popular as it gives you analytics to help you optimise your posting and is simple to use.

Meta Business Suite

I have recently started using the integrated Facebook system for my Instagram and Facebook posts. It is simple to use and allows you to schedule posts for the coming months. It isn't always accurate, but it is an excellent option for a free service.

Other scheduling apps are Planable and Hootsuite.

Data and E-Sims

Sometimes the data plans can be much better valued abroad than using your data plan from home. If you are concerned about not having good enough Wi-Fi, then you should also consider using an e-sim app. There are multiple out there that allow you to purchase an e-sim for whichever country you are in. Some of the most popular e-sim apps are esim+, airalo and Nomad. Just make sure that your phone is compatible with an esim.

What is an eSIM card? How does eSIM work?

Using some of the tools mentioned above will make working remotely seem like a dream. With the help of fantastic apps, websites, and investments in the remote work world, it is becoming more accessible globally while remaining simple and easy. 

Most likely, you are already using some of these apps to help you at work, so why not give remote working a go. Maybe try working on a short weekend away, or take a couple of days out of the office to see how you get on.

Is there a tool you use that isn't mentioned above? Send it over to you think we should add it to our list. 

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