indie Travel:
Our Story

We want to show travellers the world rarely seen - through the eyes of independent travel creators.
indie is all about helping you spend less time managing your business and more time hosting guests.

We know that selling tours and activities online is an important part of your travel business and whether you are new to it or a seasoned pro, indie can help you continue to grow.

Our vision is that indie will help unlock the power of traditional e-commerce tools for all tours and activities professionals.

The indie Team

Our mission is to empower travel creators with software to help them sell their product quickly and at scale.

Janice Sousa

CEO & Co-Founder

Janice loves exploring a new city any chance she can get. She believes the best way to do that is through the eyes of a local host - her last tour was a fun walking tour of East London ending at Shoreditch Market (yes - a Jack the Ripper tour!).

Before starting Indie, Janice spent the last 15+ years as a Tour Operator, managing hundreds of Tour Guides around the world. She is excited to help Tour Hosts scale their businesses and emerge from COVID-19 more resilient.

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Serkan Yuksel

CTO & Co-Founder

Serkan brings 20+ years of technical and architect experience across media, technology, and digital strategy. Serkan leads our technical strategy and builds.

He also works alongside our product team to ensure our team is building based on the needs and feedback of guides we speak with each week. He also makes sure our team is building in partnership with industry-leading organizations across Europe.

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Aimee Bell

Customer Success Lead

Aimee brings a diverse range of skills as customer success lead. She has spent 15 years in a range of positions within the travel sector, from hospitality management to sales and operations and she especially loves working in dynamic start-up environments.

She is passionate about finding solutions that help increase productivity and maximise the time spent on meaningful work.

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Jessica Pashos

Head of Sales

Recently back in the United States after nearly 5 years in the Netherlands, Jess spends the majority of her time in the mountains, in the gym, or on food tours exploring her new stomping grounds in New Hampshire, USA. She's taken on the challenge of climbing all 48 mountain peaks in NH over 4000 feet!Inspired by her love for the outdoors and passion for being active, Jess has spent nearly the past decade supporting tour and activity operators from all over the world to grow and expand their businesses.

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Sardor Hazratov

Full Stack Developer

Sardor jumped into the Web Development scene in 2020 after serving one year of his career in Cyber Security. He immediately boosted his development skills together with DevOps knowledge. He brings exceptional skills in both Back-end and Front-end development to our team and is responsible for bringing our application creations to life.

Outside of work, Sardor is constantly learning and evolving his capability in various areas of Computer Science. When he is not building web apps, he keeps him busy enjoying nature. He loves animals and especially raccoons. He also watches documentaries and movies.

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Burak Hamzaoğlu

Full Stack Developer

Burak is a Full-stack developer with hands-on experience designing, developing, and maintaining websites and software.  He has experience in creating scalable applications using different tech stacks. Burak is responsible for evolving features in our project with both his backend and frontend skills.

He has worked in various industries and contributed to the development of many projects. Burak likes to improve himself and learn new technologies in his spare time.  Apart from these, he enjoys travelling, reading books and walking in nature.

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